Get the Perfect Fit for Your Clothes With Our Tailoring Service

Being well-dressed plays a vital role in first impressions. It can make you look better and might even get you a job. But, you don’t always have to pay an expensive price to dress well. Instead, you can buy off-the-rack jackets, pants, and shirts. If the size doesn’t fit you well, you can always have a tailoring service professional to size it up or down for you.

There are numerous DIY alteration videos available online. But doing the alteration yourself might just ruin your clothes. If you want efficient results, it is best to hire a professional. Mathea's Alteration and Fashion is the clothing tailoring company you should hire to get quality results.

Based in Jacksonville, NC, our company offers a variety of clothing alterations and tailoring services. We even offer uniform alterations services at reasonable cost. Our tailors are highly trained and experienced professionals who are committed to delivering satisfaction-guaranteed tailoring service in the area.

With the use of our technologically advanced tools and equipment combined with the world-class craftsmanship of our professional tailors, you can ensure that you will get the exceptional results. Plus, we only use high-quality materials in our tailoring process.

Aside from our exceptional service, we also offer one of the most affordable prices in Jacksonville, NC. Our prices are negotiable and reasonable. You would surely enjoy high-quality service at a price that is fair.

Whenever you need a tailor to make your clothes look like it was specially made for you, you know which company you should get in touch with. When you come to our shop, we will be more than happy to assist you. We would get your size, ask for your preferences, and provide you a service that would meet or even exceed your expectations.

Established in Jacksonville, NC years ago, Mathea's Alteration and Fashion is the tailoring company you should trust when it comes to reliable and affordable services. If you want to take advantage of our impeccable service, call us now at (910) 292-3047!


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