Get a professional tailor to help you with your gown preparation

Compared to your ordinary daily clothing, gowns are made intricately and with much details. To get exactly the gown design that you desire, you must work hand-in-hand with a professional tailor. Get the excellent service from our licensed professionals at Mathea's Alteration and Fashion. It’s important to look your best so you stay confident with yourself. That is why we make sure to produce creative gown designs for our beloved customers every time. There’s a lot more to know about us. Get the information you need about the services and rates of our company by staying on this page.


Do you prefer purchasing ready-made gowns or have your own gown specially made? If you opt for the latter choice, get all the help that you need from our licensed tailoring shop. Specializing in dress tailoring, our team is highly capable of creating your gown exactly to your specifications. We make sure to use only the finest fabric available on the market for the creation of your highly specialized clothing. It would be best if you come to us in advance to talk about your service demands and requirements. Our tailoring shop is open 24 hours for specific concerns regarding our terms of service.


Trust our gowns tailoring shop to give you beautiful results in no time. Once you agree with our terms of service, you can immediately schedule your gown fittings at our tailoring shop. Using an advanced tailoring technology, be guaranteed for excellent tailoring job without too much delay from us. If you would like to us what else we can offer at Mathea's Alteration and Fashion, feel free to come to us anytime for your inquiries.


Visit us soonest at our licensed tailoring shop. Our professional staff will be very much willing to serve you anytime. Give us a call today at (910) 292-3047.


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